Links – July 20, 2017

I drove up to Yellowstone last week and stayed at the Old Faithful Lodge. It was a great trip. Photo above. 

There are no notes on Trump’s meeting with Putin. That’s a big deal.

Russia will be back. Here’s how to hack-proof the next election.

Russian Foreign Ministry Says it Suffered ‘Large-Scale’ Cyber Attack.

A guide to Russia’s diplomatic properties in Washington.

NATO released a short film on the Forest Brothers, the resistance in the Baltic States to the Soviet Union after World War II. Russia isn’t happy about it. A longer history of the Forest Brothers. More here. Both have links to the film.

A thorough look at whether Syrian rebels might have made sarin. (Spoiler: no)

Why regime change in Iran wouldn’t work.

Long read: A proposal to damp down nuclear competition among India, China, and Pakistan.

Another long read: The US military continues open burning of explosives and other waste.

Maryam Mirzakhani is the only woman to have won the Fields Medal, the equivalent in mathematics of the Nobel Prizes. She died last week from breast cancer. New York Times obituary. New Yorker obituary.

A new project from Alex Wellerstein: Reinventing Civil Defense. Looking forward to seeing what they produce. Civil readiness for a variety of emergencies (floods, epidemics) in addition to nuclear war is a good idea. And there is much overlap in what is needed.

Questioning whether mutually assured destruction (MAD) was a stabilizing force in the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. What drove the arms race seems to have been the fear, on both sides, that the other might break out of MAD.