Links – August 21, 2017

Russian propaganda is an issue in the questions about the 2016 election. Sputnik News is an organ of the Russian government. If you’ve been thinking that it just provides another viewpoint, read this.

20 Questions That Should Be Answered by the Russia Investigations

Nice summary of what Trump’s threats against North Korea have done.

Backgrounder on Guam. Map of Guam at top from University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

Some thoughts on how that mutual threat-making might go. It looks now like Trump is distracted with other things, but North Korea will come up again.

US talks to China about North Korea but doesn’t listen.

Can Trump make a deal with North Korea? Some suggestions from Siegfried Hecker on how to do that.

There’s been quite a dustup over a claim that North Korea got its rocket engines from Ukraine. The bottom line seems to be that this is not the case. Summary here.

Five myths about missiles. North Korea’s in particular.

Video of a Russian gas centrifuge (uranium enrichment) plant, including how they make them. In Russian, but understandable if you know a bit about centrifuges.

Rex Tillerson’s destruction of the State Department. I keep wondering what kind of executive Tillerson was at Exxon, wish that reporters would look into this. Condoleezza Rice and Bob Gates should apologize for recommending him.

A good set of recommendations for continuing interactions with Iran, based on the nuclear agreement. The agreement was intended to be a basis to work from. Let’s get going!


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