Links – September 7, 2017

Apologies for the lack of substantive posts lately. There are so many things going on in news I might write about, it’s hard to keep up, much less write something. I prefer to write about what we know, rather than speculating. The North Korean nuclear test is still being figured out by the people with the seismographs, but I hope to write a post on that soon. Nikki Haley delivered a speech based on a great many wrong ideas about the nuclear agreement with Iran. And then there are the human rights issues, which are beyond the scope of this blog, but hard to ignore. I can’t figure out why the Trumpies want two more wars while causing major domestic upset.

Here are links to what other people are writing.

Paul Pillar is a former CIA analyst whose columns are readable and carefully reasoned. He has HAD IT with Nikki Haley’s speech on the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Basics of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Photo from here

How North Korea’s nuclear tests could get even more terrifying.

China can’t solve the North Korean problem.

How China sees North Korea.

South Korea is not as freaked out about North Korea as America is. Robert E. Kelly. Peter Beinart.

Joshua Pollack provides the history of North Korea’s nuclear program. Trump and his allies consistently misrepresent this history.

South Africa gave up its nuclear weapons. Is it a model for North Korea? (Spoiler: No)

The lady in pink – the North Korean newscaster who announces their nuclear tests.

Where the weapons are – Nuclear weapon storage facilities in Russia.

In evaluating stories coming out of the Trump administration, particularly on the Russian connections, figuring out who the sources may be is important. Here is a guide on how to do that. It’s not obvious.


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