Links – October 3, 2017

I know that some of this may be repetitious. but it has to be said again and again, because the opponents of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, Iran deal) continue to misrepresent it. About those “sunset clauses.” At least one opponent of the Iran deal has said he wants regime change.

The real reason the US hasn’t tried to shoot down a North Korean missile. Spoiler: It’s very difficult, perhaps impossible. How overhead photo interpretation works. A basic explanation of the North Korean situation.

Here’s a good explanation of why the media should be careful, now that we know the President gets his information from them, not his intelligence briefings, and the damage his tweeting does. Another view on Trump’s tweets.

Military outsourcing of environmental cleanups gone wrong. A good-news story: Russia has destroyed all its chemical weapons. Top photo: Chemical weapons elimination at the Kizner facility in Russia, 2017.

Russia and US will cooperate to build moon’s first space station.

UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjold’s death is being investigated 56 years later. He was one of my superstars when I was growing up.


Added later:

New START data exchange shows the United States and Russia are on track to meet the limits. 25 years of START Treaties.

Anonymous bomb threats just keep coming in Russia. Four weeks now.

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