Halloween Links

On Donald Trump and Russia: One of the better timelines I’ve seen derived from the Manafort/Gates indictments and the Papadopoulos plea. Profiles of people you will be hearing more about:

More than 90 American nuclear scientists say that we need to keep the Iran nuclear deal in place. An Iranian analyst says that Donald Trump requested a meeting with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations meeting in September, but Rouhani turned him down. This has not been confirmed, but it’s something to watch for. Update (11/1/17): Confirmed by the State DepartmentRegime change probably wouldn’t end Iran’s nuclear program.

The US nuclear arsenal in graphics.

Ukraine’s Yuzmash missile factory and why it’s probably not the source of North Korean missiles. Top photo from here.

Chinese geologists warned North Korea that the latest big test probably unsettled its test site sufficiently that it’s dangerous to continue to work there, and now a tunnel collapse has killed 100-200 workers.

The Russian Revolution was 100 years ago. Here’s how it affected Central Asia.