Weekend Links – November 11, 2017

With Trump today saying that he’ll take Vladimir Putin’s word over that of the US intelligence agencies, here’s a reminder of how Republicans used to talk about Russia and the Soviet Union.

Ruthenium-106, an isotope used in cancer therapy, was detected over Europe in September. The distribution measured suggests it came from the Mayak plant in Russia, where nuclear fuel is reprocessed. The amounts over Europe were not dangerous and have mostly gone below detection limits.

Yukiya Amano, Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says that the agency could begin inspecting North Korea quickly if North Korea decided to allow it. Top image:¬†Olli Heinonen (L), chief nuclear inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is welcomed by North Korea’s General Department of Atomic Energy Director General Ri Je-son (R) upon Heinonen’s arrival at Pyongyang airport in Pyongyang June 26, 2007. [Reuters]

Three reasons why Japan will likely continue to reject nuclear weapons.

Long read: How Russia’s Mafia state works.

Paul Pillar on Saudi Arabia. Also Emile Nahkleh on Rex Tillerson’s vanishing act in the Middle East. If you can’t tell from Nahkleh’s op-ed, he is furious about this administration’s actions. I was at a talk by Nahlkeh a couple of weeks ago. His position at the CIA required him to be nonpartisan. He gave an impassioned defense of that before he ripped into this administration. Like the rest of us, he is having a hard time dealing with this level of incompetence or malice.

Why the neutron bomb never made it into the United States stockpile. And yes, it does do quite a bit of blast damage too. Not a death ray.

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  1. The Blog Fodder · November 16, 2017

    That is quite the article about the Russian Mob in Spain.


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