Links – Thanksgiving 2017

I know very little about Zimbabwe’s politics, but these sources seem reliable.  Zimbabwe’s clean slate: What brought Mugabe down, and why he didn’t see it coming.  Robert Mugabe’s Inner Circle Implodes. It’s good to see that this hasn’t exploded into a civil war, but it’s not over yet.

Negotiate with North Korea, chapter 3745. Long read on how North Korea may be tracking its missile tests. It’s important to get as much data as possible out of each test, but there need to be receiving stations for the data. Top photo from here.

The Open Skies Treaty and some current difficulties.

Linton Brooks on the future of bilateral arms control.

Can the MOX facility’s contract be converted to a fixed-price type of contract? Maybe.

Robots find Fukushima’s melted fuel. This article is not fully clear about the fuel, and the video doesn’t help much. I would have liked to see the lumps and bumps in the video labeled. I can make some guesses about which are the melted fuel, but they would be purely guesses.

I’ve been tweeting about gender and foreign policy. As I’ve noted, the subject is not necessarily welcome in the foreign policy community. The Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, is quite frank that it is part of her approach.

Lilli Hornig, who worked on the Manhattan Project, has died. After the Manhattan Project, she helped women in science careers.

Long interview with Yuri Trutnev, who was part of the Soviet development of nuclear weapons. In Russian, but Chrome does a fair job of translating it for me. And lots of good photos.

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