Links – December 17, 2017

I don’t usually link to big news stories, thinking you’ve probably already seen them, but if you haven’t read this Washington Post story about Donald Trump’s feelings about Russian interference in the 2016 election, you are missing something. The article is framed around Trump’s unwillingness to accept the idea that his win might have had any other factors than his great charisma. I can see why the authors and editors might have done this to preserve some unity in a very complex story, but it is hard to believe that Trump’s ego is the only factor in play.

The secret history of the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Top photo of the roof of the consulate, with its multiple antennas.

A good summary of the Iran nuclear deal. You may have read this before, but we have to keep saying it because the opponents lie.

Nuclear safeguards explained in graphic form.

Flying saucers? I’m not impressed with the videos.

A lot more on North Korea.

Rocket Men: The Team Building North Korea’s Nuclear Missile.

Two people who are arguing for negotiations, not war: Former Defense Secretary William Perry and Suzanne Dimaggio, who has been working with groups of North Koreans and Americans. Plus 58 retired admirals and generals. And the US Special Envoy for North Korea.

Dan Drezner: Tell me how Trump’s North Korea gambit ends. (Spoiler: not well)

Why China won’t rescue North Korea.

Unconventional ideas: Zapping North Korean missiles with microwaves (no). Dennis Rodman. I might actually be inclined to try diplomacy through Dennis Rodman if there were any hope that the Trump administration is competent.