Links – February 20, 2018

North Korea is upping its cyber attacks. Washington Post. Guardian. Photo from Washington Post.

The indictment of 13 Russian citizens and three Russian organizations. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s statement about the indictment. Rosenstein’s letter appointing Robert Mueller Special Counsel.

The world after Trump: How the system can endure. We need to be thinking of how we will mend our institutions after the damage Trump and his people are doing. This is not all bad. Our systems are resilient, and there will be opportunities to improve on what we had before. The United States and Europe.

Rex Tillerson is not a serious person.

Rex Tillerson: Well, you know the Code of the West, as the West was unfolding there wasn’t a lot of law enforcement. And people basically relied upon each other’s word. And “My word is my bond.” And I’ve used that throughout my life as well, even at Exxon Mobil. I would sit down with the head of state for that country or the CEO of that company and we’d look each other in the eye. And I’d say, all I need to know is that you’re gonna live up to your side of this deal. And I give you my word I’ll live up to my side of this deal. And then a lotta the Code of the West was people were very loyal to their organizations. And the phrase, “Riding for the brand” is a phrase that’s always stuck with me that–

Margaret Brennan: Riding for the brand?

Rex Tillerson: Riding for the brand. When a cowboy signed on to a ranch or– or to that organization, he was committed to that organization.

Margaret Brennan: And what is the brand for you now?

Rex Tillerson: The State Department of the United States government. The American people are my brand.

Good article on selling nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. It even mentions Michael Flynn’s scheme, but doesn’t give all of it. I suspect that Flynn’s part may relate to his current legal troubles. He was trying to sell Russian reactors.

Remember that ruthenium-106 over Europe? Here’s a plausible explanation of where it came from.

For Twilight Zone fans.

Lucy McKeon: The Photographs I’ve Never Seen. A lovely meditation on photographs and family.

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