Links – April 7, 2018

Thinking out the North Korean standoff. From Robert Jervis and Mira Rapp-Hooper. A somewhat similar commentary from Jeffrey Lewis. South Korea’s recommendations for negotiations with North Korea. Bolton’s illegal war plan for North Korea. Verifying North Korea’s nuclear disarmament if we get that far.

Two similar analyses of activity around North Korea’s light water reactor: From 38 North and Institute for Science and International Security

Long read: An overview of what the liberal international order is and its history, with what must be considered for international relations after the Trump presidency.

Two history long reads: The US mission to North Korea in 1999, and John Bolton’s tearing up of the Antiballistic Missile treaty.  CIA Debriefed Soviet H-Bomb Eye-Witness in 1957  (Top photo from here).

This fake Pentagon Russia analyst may be a creation of Russian propaganda. Also: The Russian practice of provocation in action. There’s a lot of propaganda swirling around the poisoning in Salisbury, UK. Here’s an antidote.

Surprise! Men in STEM subject areas overestimate their own intelligence and credentials, underestimate the abilities of female colleagues, and that as a result, women themselves doubt their abilities — even when hard evidence such as grades say otherwise. Yes, I know most of you weren’t surprised.

Race and genetics are becoming entwined again rhetorically. This is a good corrective.

One comment

  1. Bill Arnold · April 7, 2018

    Thanks, excellent links. Had forgotten the Bolton ABM history. Re the “Who perceives they are smarter? Exploring the influence of student characteristics on student academic self-concept in physiology” paper, interesting, might share it at work. These effects (gender, first language, anxiety are big in the regression coefficients) are also hard to overcome even outside the classroom; one tactic that seems to counter them somewhat in my experience is to strictly enforce (with somebody in a facilitator role if necessary) turn-taking, e.g.
    Shyness is not broken out adequately in that paper IMO.


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