Best Reads About The Singapore Summit

Joint Statement of President Trump and Kim Jong Un. The North Koreans have issued their own readout, but the US has not issued one of its own beyond statements to the press from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. North Korean tv also featured a documentary, in which, among other things, Donald Trump salutes a North Korean army officer.  Photo from The Guardian.

EU statement on the summit.

That weird video the White House made for the summit.

Video: Sig Hecker with background on North Korea’s nuclear program.

Department of Defense report to Congress on North Korea.

The Nine Steps Required to Really Disarm North Korea.

Robert Galucci, who has negotiated with North Korea.

Vipin Narang and Ankit Panda – North Korea Is a Nuclear Power. Get Used to It.

Joshua Pollack – The Trump-Kim summit was far from ‘epochal’ but at least it’s a return to diplomacy.

Michael J. Green – Trump Pardons Another Celebrity Criminal.

Margaret Sullivan – The North Korea summit was a triumph of Trumpian stagecraft, and the media fell for it.

The view from Seoul: why the Trump-Kim ‘deal’ worries South Koreans.


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