The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller has told us all to read his report. So I propose to summarize parts of it, highlight what seems to me to be important, and add in some background.

I will take it in relatively small sections, starting at the beginning and going through to the end. I am also posting at Balloon Juice, where there will be much more commentary.

I’ll try to do two posts a week or more – 400 pages will be a lot to get through.

I’m looking for the big picture rather than details of who was at which meeting on which day, but those details will sometimes reveal parts of the big picture, so there will be some of both. It’s also important to understand what Mueller says about how he and his team see their work.

I downloaded the Department of Justice’s version. The site takes some time to load, so it’s easier to have it on my computer. There are a number of versions available, and podcast readings of it as well.

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