Assassination Attempt On Iran’s “Father Of Nuclear Program”

There has just been an assassination attempt on Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist. He is seen within Iran in a role much like that of Robert Oppenheimer in the United States.

Israel has assassinated other Iranian nuclear scientists and is thus the prime suspect. Bibi Netanyahu has mentioned Fakhrizadeh by name.

Israel, and the Trump administration, have been trying to break the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) so that it cannot be revived. The JCPOA froze and even pushed back Iran’s nuclear weapons program, putting it under greater international scrutiny than any nuclear program in the world.

But war with Iran is what Mike Pompeo and other Trump advisors have wanted. It is also what Netanyahu wants, as long as the losses are primarily America’s.

On top of the devastation of the Iraq War, a war with Iran would tear the Middle East apart. Those desiring war imagine that it would destroy Iran without extreme damage to themselves. Pompeo has mentioned the Rapture, which requires such a war to ensure his personal salvation.

But the warmongers have been unsuccessful in provoking Iran into leaving the JCPOA. After the US left the agreement, Iran has taken reversible steps toward a more robust nuclear program and has made clear that these are in response to US actions. The other participants in the JCPOA have held firm.

The attack on Fakhrizadeh is an enormous provocation, most likely an escalation by those who want Iran to leave the JCPOA so that there is justification for war. As usual, early reports are confused. Current tweets follow.

Update: Official sources confirm Fakhrizadeh’s death.


  1. The Blog Fodder · November 27

    Two months between now and January 20th. Still time for a nuclear war that destroys all of us. Putin has said if Russia will no longer exist, there is no need for the rest of the world to exist. Trump likely figures if he doesn’t win then who needs America or anywhere else.


  2. Nukeman · December 7

    Cheryl: Please go back and read through my Iranian Nuclear Science Bibliography and you’ll see a whole section devoted to Iranian research in the laser isotope separation area. There are also references to anti-drone research using lasers. Someday I will be updating all of my Iranian dual-use bibliographies. Feel free to share this information with others.


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