The Information Offensive Continues

Russia has shelled a kindergarten in Donbas.

A certain amount of shelling is not unusual in Donbas, but given current tensions, this is ominous. In 2008, Russian shelling provoked a response from the Georgian army, which Russia then claimed as a justification for war. The Ukrainian army has been strictly instructed not to respond to Russian shelling.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is visiting the front.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke at the United Nations Security Council meeting on the crisis. He outlined what the US believes to be Russia’s plans for an attack on Ukraine, continuing the information offensive. He mentioned possible Russian pretexts: fabricated “terrorist bombing” inside Russia. invented discovery of a “mass grave,” a staged “drone strike” against civilians, and a staged or even real chemical weapons attack   There’s been a strong game on Twitter this morning too.

I’m listening to the Security Council session, and it’s clear that the NATO allies are closely coordinated.

Blinken’s overall message was that the US is ready for diplomacy, and that diplomacy is still possible. Russia this morning delivered a written response to the US written response to Russia’s initial demands. It appears that today’s response reiterates the initial demands.

The Munich Security Conference convenes this weekend. It is often a venue for policy statements. Russia is not sending a delegation. Kamala Harris heads up the US delegation, and Blinken will be there too.

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  1. Allen Hingston · February 21, 2022

    The map of proposed re-invasion routes is not comforting. One of the secondary routes is right through our part of the country. Russian TV had a program on last night about Ukraine’s ability to make atomic weapons. Zhovti Vody was front and centre as we have the uranium mines, Kamianske refines our ore into yellow cake. Dnipro has the former USSR rocket mfrg. Wish Zelenskyy hadn’t talked about building our own bombs since 1994 didn’t pan out. Now we are targets for sure.


    • Cheryl Rofer · February 21, 2022

      Thinking our best thoughts for your safety, and the safety of all of Ukraine.


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