Tunnel Collapse at Hanford

A tunnel collapsed in the 200 Area of Washington State’s Hanford Reservation. The 200 Area is where fuel elements from Hanford’s reactors were processed to recover the plutonium that went into American nuclear weapons. I was not aware of an underground rail system there. The system is probably in the 200 area only because the reactors are much too far away to make an underground system possible. Read More

Links – November 11, 2015

Developing: Does Russia have a dirty bomb? Do they want the world to know about it? It looks to me like there are a number of messages being delivered between Russia and the United States more or less publicly. That would include the US’s Trident missile launch along California’s coast. Nuke-rattling via subtweets. Meanwhile, another competition, this one for clicks, continues. The Daily Beast summarizes a Twitter conversation about the Russian bomb that I participated in. Here’s a critique of that kind of journalism. Image from Arms Control Wonk, who says he intends to write more. Read More