Artificial – Not Intelligent

For the past few days, my Twitter feed (yes, it’s still there) has been cluttered with dialogs with the ChatGPT chatbot. Some are on the level of polite and trivial human conversation: the form is correct, but not much fact. Where fact is called for, it is often incorrect, but presented in a correct form.

There are also several art generators available. Neither they nor the chatbots can be called “intelligent.” As far as I can tell (and I’ll be happy to hear if I’ve missed something), they are basically weighted averages of their training sets, which are very large and consist of samples of art or conversation. A part of the program also recognizes, from those training sets, questions from humans and what might be appropriate responses. The programs also add the inputs of people asking them questions to their data bases.

That is a significant achievement, although machine translation, which relies on similar operations, impresses me more, particularly of agglutinative languages.

All this is enabled by large computer memories and fast computation.

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