Links – March 8, 2017

Quite an article on US cyber attacks on North Korean missile tests. A backgrounder on how David Sanger and Bill Broad got the story. Something like this is a lot of work. And dealing with it is even more work: Why the Trump administration isn’t ready. The difficult decisions and diplomacy ahead.  PhotoAn image distributed by the North Korean government showing the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, visiting a missile test center in North Pyongan Province. Analysts say the pair of engines he is standing in front of could power an intercontinental ballistic missile.CreditKorean Central News Agency, via Reuters

This is a good explanation of the basic factors feeding into Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. The hard part is accounting for many of the details. Josh Marshall is doing a lot of work to connect the dots, but I think he is going for too many connections too soon. His part 2 of the explanation is long-winded. Bottom line is that the reason Trump doesn’t want an investigation is that he doesn’t have a direct connection to Russia but isn’t sure that some of his people don’t.

Wondering who Louise Mensch is, who is tweeting and writing about the Trump-Russia connection? Here’s a short bio. She gets some things right, but overall is too willing to connect dots that may not even be there.

Trump is not ready for a global health crisis.

The Trump administration and Iran.

Trump is surprising Russia too. Some good insights here.

Government corruption is Moscow’s friend.

Q&A on Russian violations of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. Another very good article.

A Russian superhero film to unite the nationalities!

Europe isn’t going to form its own nuclear force any time soon. Such a force could be based on French and British nuclear weapons. But not knowing if the United States will back Europe against Russia makes it necessary to think about.

More links on the assassination of Kim Jong Nam.

When Richard Nixon sabotaged the Paris peace talks on Vietnam.

Thoughts on physics and the philosophy of science.

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