Links – August 14, 2017

Excellent article by Vipin Narang and Ankit Panda on why Donald Trump’s threats against North Korea are so destabilizing. MAD doesn’t apply.

Second- and third-order effects of foreign policy actions. And every action has them. This is something that Trump chooses not to understand, or perhaps is incapable of understanding.

Seven experts: Are we on the brink of war with North Korea? Probably not.

Letter from 62 members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to urge Trump to STFU on war with North Korea.

Ways to deal with North Korea. I don’t agree with every single idea, but there are a number of alternatives to shouting threats and making war.

He Negotiated Nukes With North Korea and He’s Got Advice for Donald Trump.

Look at it from the North Korean point of view.

Who is Kim Jong Un?

Apparently some diplomacy is being done with North Korea.  More here on that diplomacy.   And still more from a participant.

Why the US military didn’t use nuclear weapons in the Korean War.

Can Trump’s national security council handle a real crisis? Description of how a crisis goes down.

This is why a Trump chicken was near the White House. In case you were wondering. Top photo from here.

Why joy is the perfect resistance to a politics of fear. I hope to see these tactics used as it becomes obvious we must demonstrate against this president.

What happened during the last major expulsion of American diplomats from Russia in 1986.

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