Links – March 4, 2018

National Security Pros, It’s Time to Talk About Right-Wing Extremism.

Russia cancels talks with US. This just after Vladimir Putin displays his, um, nukes. Twelve-year-old boys are in charge of at least three nations’ nuclear arsenals.

Reactions to Putin’s “state of the nation” speech. More about the weapons mentioned in that speech. Yet more from Jeffrey Lewis. I take Putin’s claims with a grain of salt. Russia has claimed weapons that never went into production. I suspect significant exaggeration in his claims of testing. But we have to keep open the possibility that the weapons are real, if not yet ready for use.

The American Project Pluto may have some clues as to the engine for one of Putin’s claimed new weapons. Top photo of a Project Pluto engine in 1961.

A European response to the Nuclear Posture Review: The NPR indicates that the United States does not know what kind of global nuclear order it sees as feasible and desirable.

A short primer on security clearances.

This is an excellent update on European discussions on the Iran nuclear deal. The whole necessity for these discussions is Trump’s need to undo Obama’s legacy. Iran and the other nations were abiding by the deal.

What if Kim Jong Un decides to bloody America’s nose first? The trouble with nuclear weapons is that they always push their holders toward a first strike, so that they can use their nuclear weapons and not have them destroyed by the other side’s nuclear weapons.

How nuclear weapons research revealed new climate threats. The nuclear weapons labs have been doing climate research throughout their existence. Since the 1980s, the techniques used in their nuclear weapons simulations have been applied to climate modeling.

The man who listens for nuclear tests above the Arctic. This is a good description of how part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization’s detection network operates.

This is a long read, but important in thinking about the Second Amendment.

January’s Women’s March brought out more than a million people — and many more also protested during the month



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