Links – March 30, 2018

Three similar op-eds about the unified expulsions of Russian diplomats, from Kadri Liik, Shashank Joshi, and Mark Galeotti. Bottom line: In the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Vladimir Putin has supplied the last straw so that other world leaders will not tolerate his attempts at deniability, which are no longer plausible.

One of the reasons that this broad rebuke has a good chance to influence Russia is that Putin would like to rebrand Russia as a great power, but he’s having difficulty doing so.

Jean Pascal Zanders is your reliable go-to for information on how all this fits into the Chemical Weapons Convention. Here’s one of his posts on the subject at his blog.

Support for the Iran nuclear deal by over 100 national security experts.

When Trump Meets Kim Jong Un: A Realistic Option for Negotiating With North KoreaNorth Korea Is Firing Up a Reactor. Why That Could Upset Trump’s Talks With Kim (top photo from here).

India and Pakistan are heating up too.

Great interactive piece on dismantling nuclear weapons.

Lockheed Martin has a patent for its compact fusion reactor. This is a pretty fluffy article. Getting a patent no longer means you have something that works.

Uzbekistan is hosting a peace conference.