UFOs Again

The Air Force released three videos of UFOs taken by pilots in flight. At the moment, three blurry videos taken through sensors we don’t know how to interpret are not the most important news out there.

I’ll admit it – my best guess is that these are artifacts in the sensors. I can’t tell you what, but I’ve seen lights in the sky and funny stuff that I could have called UFOs until I looked more closely.

Last year, we had a lot of weather balloons in the area. They are coated with aluminum and reflect a nice bright light in morning or evening. Binoculars showed what they are. I even got a photo of one.

IMG_2884 cropped

I’ve seen lights moving in peculiar ways at night, usually through the window of a car. If I was able to try to reproduce angles and such, they turned out to be reflections. I’ve seen lights moving across the sky at night when I was looking at the stars, not through anything that could cause reflections. Those come closest to something I might declare UFOs when I don’t see the red and green wing lights. Although every time I’ve looked carefully or through binoculars, those wing lights were there.

There was a much greater flying saucer mystique when I was a kid. The reports turned out not to be spaceships. A few remained unidentified even after a few dedicated people scrutinized the largely verbal accounts. I read everything. I wanted to believe that they were really space ships. But by the time of ET, I had recognized that the likelihood of that was vanishingly small.

Dan Zak wrote an article two years ago about the people pushing this. Rich white boys again. They are probably acting in good faith. As for the military people pushing it, I’ve worked with one of the colonels involved in the “staring at goats” thing. He was not at all informed on science and didn’t learn easily. The military has its incompetents too, but it has lots of money to spread to crazy ideas.

I’m not against crazy ideas, but right now we have another priority. Let’s focus on making this world a safe place to live.

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  1. gosnold · April 28, 2020

    Unlikely to be a sensor artifact. The things were detected bu the S-band radars on AEGIS destroyers, the UHF radar on the E-2s and partially on the F-18 X-band radars in addition to FLIR and eyeball contacts: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/21000/highly-detailed-report-on-harrowing-encounter-between-f-a-18s-and-ufo-off-baja-surfaces


  2. The Blog Fodder · April 29, 2020

    I tend to favour Calvin who said that the surest sign of intelligent life in outer space is that they have not tried to contact us. And as the meme has it, they lock their doors as they fly past.


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