More Election Commentary

More links to what I consider good commentary on the election.

Mourning Trump and the America we could have been. I would say we still can be, but it will take a lot more work than I anticipated.

What now? What may happen and suggestions for our responses.

What Europe needs to hear from Trump. I have this schizophrenic feeling, between two worlds, when I read something like this that assumes (because it must in order to make its own kind of sense) that Trump is a normal candidate, will be a normal president. He has nothing prepared that can respond to these very reasonable and normal expectations.

What Vladimir Putin wants to hear from Trump. Charles Pierce says that we should be hearing about Trump’s Russian connections, but of course we know we won’t. Crazy idea: If something truly disqualifying about them were found before the Electoral College meets on December 19, they could vote Trump out. I tweeted links to what I collected on those connections this morning. Haven’t seen much new since I collected most of it in July.

China warns Trump against abandoning climate change deal.

A view from India: The end of America’s soft power?

The real reason Donald Trump got elected? We have a white extremism problem.

Neil Buchanan on the media’s role in electing Donald Trump.

An open letter to my former colleagues in the US government’s civil, foreign, intelligence, and military services. By Richard Nephew, one of the negotiators of the Iran nuclear deal.

One comment

  1. The Blog Fodder · November 14, 2016

    Finally got through these. The Globe article was excellent as was the Newsweek article. It should be no surprise that the MSM journalists sing the same song about both cutting spending and HRC. The media supposedly has a liberal bias which serves its highly conservative owners well as a cover for covertly supporting conservative causes.
    I have constantly maintained that while the Republicans think they are using the Religious Right to garner votes, in fact the Religious Right have been using the Republicans to gain political power. My nephew sent me this article this morning and I have never read anything more frightening.
    Whether America and the World will survive is not a question I can answer. If it does, it will be unrecognizable. My wife just told me that Moldova has gone Russian. Once France votes in Marine LePen the Triple Crown of Right Wing Politics – Brexit, Trump, LePen – will all have been won by the Religious Right and Putin. I am glad I am old.


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